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USA117 - Elbaite - Goshen, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
USA117 - Elbaite - Goshen, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

Good specimen of blue-green to yellow-green tourmaline from one of the oldest tourmaline localities in the US. The earliest reference I could find online is a geological survey by Edward Hitchcock, a professor at Amherst College, dating to 1833. The Goshen tourmaline localities are part of a larger deposit which extends to West Chesterfield. Most tourmaline from this area is opaque, with some, such as this specimen, translucent. No gem quality tourmaline was produced from this deposit.

This specimen consists of two crude parallel crystals on matrix. The color and translucency are quite fine for this locality. There are some small dings along the crystal edges and the terminations are crude. 4.0x 3.2 x 1.9 cm.

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