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USA105 - Heulandite-Ca on Mordenite - Rats Nest Claim, Challis, Custer County, Idaho

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At the InnSuites, I visited with John Cornish, who owns the Rats Nest Claim in Idaho. This claim produces the finest heulandite in North America. In my opinion, the best from this claim can hold its own with the finest Indian specimens. The contrast between the pink-orange heulandite and the creamy white mordenite is exceptionally attractive. John had some great specimens at very nice prices, so I picked up a small lot to offer on the web. For more information on this claim, please see this online article.

This cabinet specimen features several sprays of deep orangy-pink heulandite on white mordenite. The color of the heulandite crystals is as good as it gets from this locality. Measuring to 1.5 cm, the heulandite is translucent and undamaged. This is one of my favorite specimens I've seen from here! 7.9 x 6.2 x 5.2 cm.

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